Keowee Financial Group provides clients with investment advisory services and insurance products as part of holistic financial planning.


Clients are part of the Keowee family

Keowee Financial Group provides investment advisory services and insurance solutions to clients of all types. We’re committed to helping clients define and achieve their specific financial goals and using the products/services that will best accomplish those goals. We specialize in retirement planning, but also seek to be a client’s advisor from birth to death, and for future generations.

Keowee’s goal is to to be the “one stop provider” for all aspects of a client’s financial needs, providing clients with holistic financial solutions in a way that makes them feel like part of the Keowee family and a valued client with an open door policy.


We want to be your trusted advisor

At Keowee, our team seeks relationships with extreme depth where the client sees us as a trusted advisor, in which virtually all issues, professional and personal, are open to discussion and exploration. We want to be the person you turn to when an issue first arises.

Greg Wales

Owner & Financial Advisor

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Lindsay May

Registered Representative & Operations Manager

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Collaboration is key to all that we do

At Keowee, we genuinely love working with people from so many walks of life to collaboratively develop financial solutions, and also enjoy learning about clients as they share their life stories. We are as committed to the community as we are to our clients and want to help those in our local area achieve financial independence and live their best lives. Our practice is built on the following values, all of which we believe make us a trusted advisor and partner to clients: integrity, reliability, accessability, and security.